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We are very excited about  the opportunities  we have and will be given to make so many people happy. Face painting is NOT just for children anymore! But  rather an adventure for any age to enjoy. It is also  not just for Halloween . Our clients take  advantage of this unique form of entertainment for a wide range of venues. Corporate promotions, company parties, sports events, and of course birthday parties  for ALL ages.  Try it your never too old!

Susan Fortney - Owner

Susan has been doing face painting for about 17 years.

Has used different other media for years such as, oil & acrylic painting , graphic design & art.

She has worked with Event Planners at picnics and parties for 4 years, on parties from small to large.
Worked in the makeup dept. for the Pageant of the Masters , Laguna Beach, CA for 2 years. Which consisted of painting faces and bodies to match famous paintings. The art was re-creations of classical and contemporary works with real people posing to look exactly like their counterparts in the original pieces. Special lighting would create living art with each performance. Check it out http://www.foapom.com/

Even the Face painter gets painted!

FABAIC - Face & Body Convention, Orlando, FL.  2008 - 2009

Sponsored by Silly Farm

When I went to the convention; I had my face painted like a tiger by Christina Davison (bottom right) and a lion by The Wolf Bros

So much fun!
Oh! just to let you know, I didn't pick the designs for the faces and they were 2 days apart. I guess to them I look Like a cat! that's ok, I love cats too!