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Mardi Gras  - 16th Birthday Party - Bastrop, TX

Airbrush Tattoos  FAQ

Are your tattoos temporary? If so, how temporary are they?

YES! Of course, we only use temporary body paint and so your tattoo will not be permanent.  Fantasy Designs tattoos will last anywhere from 24hrs to 5 days! It all depends on how well you take care of them.  You can prolong the life of your tattoo by applying baby powder to it after you shower.  You can also remove it immediately by rubbing it with isopropyl alcohol and washing it with soapy water.

Does it hurt to get an  airbrush tattoo?
No! Its a bit cold but no it does not hurt at all!

Is your ink safe for anyone?
Absolutely! We use FDA approved body ink made right here in the United States.  It is hypoallergenic in nature and we have not ever had one incident where there was a reaction to our tattoos. Material Data Safety Sheets are available upon request at all of our events.  Our ink has a 100% saftey record, tried and true!  It's Perfect for anyone at any age!

Do you only perform your tattoo services in the Austin area?

NO! We will gladly travel to any venue that our services are invited to!  We base our fees on mileage and the number of artists you require.  Fantasy Designs  served clients all over the Travis & Williamson Counties.

What is the minimum time frame for an event?
If you are in the immediate Austin area, our minimum requirement is one hour.  We will gladly discuss any event scenario with you and recommend to you what we think would be perfect for your budget and the guests at your event.

How many tattoos can you apply in one hour? How are they applied?
Most of the time, one Fantasy Designs artist can apply between 45-50 tattoos in 60 minutes. 
We apply the tattoos using cold compressed air and airbrushes, non-toxic paint and one tattoo design. We sterilize the area before application and then "set it" when we are done. These tattoos are absolutely ouchless !

What kind of tattoos are available ?
We prefer to stick to the tattoos that are available on our displays.  We have several hundreds to choose from.  You can get anything from butterflies, bugs, bears and fairies to tribal bands, crosses, skulls, daggers.  We really do have something for everyone at our events!

What kinds of events will you book?

In the last several years Fantasy Designs has done just about every type of event there is out there.  Not only do we book private corporate parties but we also do: Bat Mitzvah's, baby showers, pool parties, lake parties, bachelor(ette) parties, first communion parties, wedding receptions, fund raisers, festivals, safety fairs, craft shows, holiday parties, birthday parties, fraternity/sorority celebrations, sports games & tailgate parties, church functions & grand openings of any kind!  See, we are ready to do your event! Give us a call and let us tattoo for you! We can be reached at (512)663-4698 OR email us at: susan@fantasydsignsfb.com
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